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7 Holistic Hacks for Restful Nights

Sleep is vital for our rest and rejuvenation, allowing our bodies to restore at a cellular level while our brain waves facilitate repair. However, for many of us with active, stressful lives, sleep can be elusive and temperamental. Personally, I struggled with insomnia and a sleep disorder that prevented me from accessing REM sleep for years. Despite consulting neurologists, undergoing sleep studies, MRIs, and trying various western medical approaches, relief remained elusive. Pharmaceutical medications failed to alleviate my fatigue and improve sleep, leaving me with unwanted side effects.

Through holistic modalities and tools, I finally found success, now enjoying deep sleep and reaching REM stages. While everyone's body is different and success may vary, here are some of my favorite strategies:

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  1. Routine: Establishing a nightly routine, though simple, can have profound effects. Start with small changes, like setting a consistent bedtime.

  2. Screen time: We've all heard it before, but reducing screen time before bed can greatly aid sleep. Opt for reading a book instead to minimize artificial light and overstimulation.

  3. Meditation: Listening to guided meditations before bed can redirect thoughts to a place of calm, promoting relaxation and preventing hyper-fixation.

  4. Avoiding late-night eating: Digestion takes about four hours, diverting valuable energy from the brain to the gut. Avoid eating a few hours before bed to optimize sleep quality.

  5. Sunlight: Exposure to natural light upon waking can help regulate the body's natural rhythms, improving readiness for sleep.

  6. Reflexology: Regular reflexology sessions support the nervous system and the brain-body connection, aiding in the regulation of circadian rhythms and promoting balance and restoration.

Many clients report improved sleep quality after reflexology sessions, with some even falling asleep during the treatment. Some clients track their sleep patterns with fitness trackers, consistently reporting enhanced sleep quality and daily life improvements. Achieving restful sleep is within reach. Try these tips and share your experience!

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This information is generalized and intended for educational purposes only. Due to potential individual contraindications, please see your primary care provider before implementing any strategies in these posts.



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