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Story Time

Downtown Charlotte, North Carolina at sunset

In 2014, Chelsea Birch traveled to Nepal with her heart set on helping a nation drowning in malnutrition. What she found was a much larger problem: a desperate need for doctors. "But what does it look like to be a doctor in a place like this?" she asked herself. "A place void of pharmaceuticals, x-ray machines, and labs." After much research, she decided to pursue a path in naturopathic medicine, where she could learn how to use her hands, water, local herbs, and nutrition to bring the body back to balance.

After years of grueling naturopathic medical school, she ventured back to Nepal in 2019 to see her new medical mind unfold. She joined the Acupuncture Relief Project and started three village clinics that are still up and running today. In short, everything she had learned in school worked... magically. Ironically, during her time in school and Nepal, friends and family from her hometown continued to mention the need for naturopathic medicine in Charlotte, NC. And so, in the midst of COVID, she returned home to start a home clinic, which soon became busy enough to move her practice to South End.

Dr. Birch's plan was to start a holistic clinic with multiple practitioners five years down the road, but due to COVID, many practitioners were struggling to make ends meet. She opened IVY to local holistic and skilled practitioners.

And so, here we are today: an interwoven network of passionately skilled holistic practitioners who have come together to create something beautiful out of difficult times.

We love it here—Charlotte, you are our village.

Why IVY?

The chosen name "IVY" is two-fold:

  1. IVY supports the growth and health of a forest by providing nutrients to the soil, communication among the trees, nectar to pollinators, and shelter to small animals. With Charlotte being our forest, our goal is to support every parent, business professional, child, and retiree for the greater purpose of helping you play your role fully in our community.

  2. IVY grows over time. Our practitioners are deeply invested in helping you grow too! We believe that knowledge brings growth and should be an integral part of your therapy. Our goal is to teach you about your body so that you leave empowered and educated about your ailments after your appointments.

View from below of tall trees in the woods
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