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Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Dr. Marissa Boyd


Naturopathic Doctor
Craniosacral Therapist

What is constitutional hydrotherapy?

Constitutional hydrotherapy is a treasured and trusted naturopathic therapy that involves the application of alternating hot and cold water compresses to the upper body, combined with mild electrical (sine wave) stimulation to the back and abdomen.

dark blue-green water scape

What can constitutional hydrotherapy do for you?

Suitable for a wide range of conditions, constitutional hydrotherapy stimulates circulation, fortifies the immune system, and supports overall healing. Experience its effectiveness in addressing digestive issues, respiratory problems, infectious diseases, female cycle imbalances, immune deficiency, circulatory issues, and more, including chronic pain, addiction, fertility concerns, arthritis, diabetes, anxiety, depression, obesity, and adrenal fatigue.

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What does a constitutional hydrotherapy session look like?

This one-hour therapy session creates a soothing environment to promote relaxation and restoration. Each session begins with disrobing above the waist and then lying down under a comfortable blanket cover. Once settled, a series of hot and cold compresses are carefully applied to the upper body. Simultaneously, mild electrical (sine wave) stimulation is administered to the back and abdomen.

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