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Prenatal Care

Dr. Mièka Bryan


Physical Therapist

Dr. Stephanie Hendershot


Naturopathic Doctor

Karen McKinney



Rachel Crawford


Art Therapist

Dr. Sarah Kingsley


Physical Therapist
Bowen Therapist

Ashley Paraiso

LAc, DiplOM

Chinese Herbalist

Dr. Jeffrey Dunnigan



Dr. Chelsea Leander Birch


Naturopathic Doctor
Bowen Therapist

Patti Rumsey


Birth Doula

What is Prenatal Care?

Prenatal care is support from conception to a year after pregnancy that includes emotional and physical support.  Our IVY team can work individually or together to support this beautiful chapter of life.

For more information on prenatal care visit:

National Women's Health Network

Baby on back wearing a blue onsie

What can a Prenatal Care Team do for you?

A good prenatal team helps eliminate the fears around pregnancy and aids in creating a beautiful journey for both you and your partner.

IVY's Prenatal Team includes:

  • Acupuncturist - Acupuncture is safe during pregnancy and can offer both stress relief AND help with labor induction if you want to try the natural route before being induced.

  • Chiropractor - Our chiropractor is trained in prenatal and pediatric adjustments to offer immediate relief and spinal realignments. 

  • Counseling - Whether it's fear, doubt, anxiety, relationship dilemmas, post-partum depression, or grief,...our counselors can help. 

  • Doula - Unlike midwives, doula's are not medically trained to deliver babies...but they DO offer extensive education and birthing support to both you and your partner.  However, research shows that having a doula on your side during and after pregnancy dramatically decreases pain and time in labor, the risk of cesarean section, and increases the overall health of mom and baby both long and short-term. 

  • Massage Therapist - Whether you're uncomfortable or simply needing self-care during this transition, our massage therapists are here to help.

  • Naturopathic Doctor - All of our naturopathic doctors can provide education on supplements, exercise, lifestyle, hormone testing and nutrition throughout and after pregnancy.

  • Physical Therapist - Post-pregnancy pelvic floor therapy is essential for most women wanting to recover with minimal long-term effects. Our physical therapists have extensive training in pelvic floor restoration.  

Pregnant multiracial woman

What does it look like to work with a Prenatal Care Team?

You can utilize one, some, or all of our prenatal care team services depending on your needs. Take a look at our package options if you are wanting to utilize an array of practitioners.

Breathe easy.  Have a Prenatal Team on your side. 


Pregnancy and doula support
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