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Prenatal Care

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What is Prenatal Care?

Prenatal care is support from conception to a year after pregnancy that includes emotional and physical support.  Our doula, naturopathic doctor, and lactation counselor prioritize educating and helping families make pre-contemplated decisions about their birthing process.  Unlike midwives, IVY's doula, lactation counselor, and naturopathic physician are not medically trained to deliver babies.  However, research shows that having these practitioners on your side during and after pregnancy dramatically decreases pain and time in labor, the risk of cesarean section, and increases the overall health of mom and baby both long and short-term.

For more information on prenatal care visit:

National Women's Health Network

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What can Prenatal Care do for you?

From education workshops and herbal support in the early beginnings, to lactation consultations and hormone balancing after birth, our team is on your side.  Their specialty lies in eliminating the fears around pregnancy and helping to create a beautiful journey for both you and your partner.

Some services that IVY's perinatal team offers includes:

  • Prenatal planning (doula) 

  • Education workshops (doula & naturopathic doctor)

  • Herbal and supplemental support (naturopathic doctor)

  • Labor support (doula)

  • Lactation consulting (doula & lacation counselor)

  • Post partum hormone testing  (naturopathic doctor)

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What does it look like to work with a Prenatal Care Team?

We encourage an initial free consultation to ensure alignment with your practitioner(s).  If you decided to go with IVY's team, the rest is up to you!  Your team can provide as little or as much guidance as you need.  This can include prenatal home visits, home/nursery organization, a birth preference consultation, on-call birth support, labor support, postpartum home visits, newborn care, breastfeeding support, and postpartum hormone testing.

Breathe easy.  Have a Prenatal Team on your side. 


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