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Holistic Labs

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Dr. Kellyann Tomko


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Naturopathic Doctor

What are Holistic Labs?

If you're looking for more comprehensive testing, you've come to the right place! Our Naturopathic Doctors are able to order lab kits straight to your door to test for everything from Lyme disease and co-infections to hormonal irregularities and cardiac markers.

Our most commonly ordered holistic labs include:

  • Stool Testing (Parasites, SIBO, Crohns, Ulcerative colitis, celiac, food sensitivities,...)

  • Mold and Toxin Testing (Mold, heavy metals, glyphosate, chemicals...)

  • Adrenal & Stress (Cortisol, organic acid testing,...)

  • Allergies (Food sensitivities, environmental allergies,...)

  • Hormonal Testing (DHEA, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, AMH,...)

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How do I order Holistic Labs?

Make an appointment with one of our Naturopathic Doctors to figure out which tests are right for you! After your appointment, your ND will likely send an e-mail with your lab requisition to streamline the process. Simply follow the instructions found on the e-mail and voilà! We will have objective findings. Followup appointments with your ND are highly encouraged for optimum results.

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