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IVY Integrative / Team / Dr. Marissa Boyd

Dr. Marissa Boyd


Naturopathic Doctor
Craniosacral Therapist

FOCUS  : Men’s Health • Intuitive Eating • Pain Management • Chronic Stress • Gut Health • Autoimmune Autoimmune • Mold Toxicity

Dr. Boyd is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who prioritizes helping you live the life the way you want, naturally. Her core focus is meeting you where you are. Dr. Boyd believes natural medicine is easily approachable; no matter what your current health status may be.

Dr. Boyd has spent many years working with injured workers and Spanish-speaking individuals. Her specialty is men’s health using functional and natural techniques to help individuals connect mind and body to experience true healing.

Her unique approach to healthcare is rooted in science, focusing on prevention, restoration, and optimization. Natural modalities of treatment that Dr. Boyd uses often include hydrotherapy, nutrition, lifestyle management, and homeopathy. She loves working with individuals hesitant to experience a natural approach, building loyal and lasting relationships with her clients.

Book an appointment with this holistic Naturopathic Doctor to address: chronic stress, anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, low libido, hair loss, low testosterone, arthritis, chronic pain, intuitive eating, eating disorders, difficulty sleeping, and burn-out.


  • Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

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