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Counseling & Psychotherapy

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What is a Counselor?

Clinical counselors work with individuals, groups, couples, and families. They assist in evaluating and treating mental and physical states, addictions, and behavioral problems by addressing underlying emotions using a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques. In short, a counselor unfolds and finds what makes you "you" over time in order to empower you from the core.

Licensed counselors have a master's or doctoral degree in mental health counseling, 3,000 supervised clinical hours, and have passed multiple credentialing exams.

For more information, visit North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors website:

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What can counseling do for you?

Every counselor is different. It is important to find a licensed counselor that has both the trainings and values to support you fully. Take your time to investigate local counselors in your area.

Some common focuses include:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Professional development

  • Family and marriage

  • Addictions

  • Eating disorders

  • General well being

  • Trauma

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What does it look like to work with a Counselor?

Get ready to feel heard, seen, and understood. The first few sessions with your counselor will simply be unfolding your story. Don't worry, your counselor will act as a guide in the beginning by asking the correct questions to navigate the details. In future sessions, your counselor will use their toolbox of psychotherapeutic techniques to reach root emotions and triggering causations. While uncovering your though processes, your counselor will continually offer empowerment through life exercises and alternative perspectives of the challenges in front of and behind you.

Take a seat on our comfy couch. Let's get to know Y-O-U.


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What is the difference between a Counselor and Psychotherapist?

Long story short: Counselors tend to focus on specific issues and situations that have occurred in the past weeks to months. Whereas psychotherapists explore past issues that are likely contributing to your present day problems (ex: childhood family dynamics or traumas). That being said, there is significant overlap between the two.

So how do you know which one is right for you?

  • If you are seeking short term guidance and support from someone who will listen, create insight with unveiling questions, and ultimately help draw out answers from within...then our counselor may be the correct fit for you!

  • If you are seeking longterm guidance for chronic or relapsing issues and want to explore your past to understand your present...then our psychotherapist may be a great fit for you!

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What is Art Therapy?

Sometimes, counseling needs more than words to see a clearer picture. This is where Art Therapy comes into play! Whether it's pen and paper, clay and paint, or any other art media you prefer - Art Therapy helps aid in expression of the subconscious.

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