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IVY Integrative / Team / Dr. Chelsea Leander

Dr. Chelsea Birch


Naturopathic Doctor
Bowen Therapist

FOCUS: Hormones • Fatigue • Chronic Pain • Fertility & Prenatal Care • Autoimmune • Lyme disease • Co-Infections • Mold Toxicity

Dr. Chelsea Leander Birch is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, registered herbalist, and certified Bowen therapist. She is medically trained and naturally focused with the goal of bridging the gap between natural and conventional medicine. She uses non-invasive therapies to avoid harmful side-effects and support long-term healing including lifestyle counseling, herbs, Bowen therapy, nutrition, supplements & homeopathy.

Her focus lies in chronic conditions - anything lasting longer than three weeks. This includes but is not limited to PCOS, hypothyroidism, chronic pain, gut issues, autoimmune conditions, infertility, dementia, ADHD, and so much more. She loves working with patients frustrated with their medical conditions hindering their daily lives and enjoys empowering her patients through education of their own bodies.

Dr. Birch received her undergraduate degree (BSc.) from Auburn University where she completed a field study addressing the root causes of malnutrition in Nepal. This field study spurred on her desire to become a village doctor in areas of the world that needed it most. While considering medical school, Dr. Birch realized that she would need to learn how to use local and natural tools in order to best serve populations far from electricity, pharmacies, and the internet. Enter Naturopathic Medicine. Four years later, upon graduating from Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine she ventured back to Nepal and started alternative health clinics in three remote villages void of conventional medicine. They are still running and maintained today.

A few months after starting up clinics in Nepal, COVID hit. Dr. Birch returned home to Charlotte, NC where her friends and family urged her to start treating people in her own backyard. The uphill small business battle during COVID encouraged Dr. Birch in joining forces with other struggling holistic healthcare professionals. These connections brought about the beginnings of IVY Integrative...originally a 10-year future plan for Dr. Birch. Charlotte has become Dr. Birch's village with IVY Integrative now hosting over 19 practitioners serving locals that seem to be getting sicker and sicker, younger and younger. Hindsight is 20-20 for Dr. Birch as she moves forward with expanding Naturopathic Medicine in her unregulated state in need of natural medicine.

Outside of being a doctor, Dr. Birch loves weekend camping trips, exploring new cities, rock climbing, healthy cooking, and trying out new local coffee shops!

Book an appointment with this Holistic Naturopathic Doctor to address: Chronic fatigue, PMS, painful periods, prolactinomas, bloating, a healthy pregnancy, trouble sleeping, thyroid diseases, weight loss, chronic pain, eating disorders, and optimum health.


  • Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

  • Certified Bowen Health Therapist 

  • Registered Herbalist (AHG)

  • CEDH Homeopathy Trained

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