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IVY Integrative / Team / Dr. Mièka Bryan

Dr. Mièka Bryan


Physical Therapist

FOCUS: Perinatal • Trigger Points • Pelvic Pain • Sports Injuries

Dr. Mièka Bryan is a licensed Physical therapist. She is trained to be a movement expert focusing on the provision of interventions used to improve patients’ quality of life through prescribed exercise, education, and manual hands-on interventions. She uses non-invasive approaches to treat movement problems in ways that provide long-term relief and healing outcomes.

Her focus is on adults ages 18+ who have injuries, disabilities, and other health disorders that can be treated with physical therapy interventions. Her focus lies in restoring and improving the negative mobility deficits that result from various diagnoses. This includes but is not limited to fall risks influenced by poor balance, chronic back pain, pelvic-related issues, orthopedic conditions, sports-related injuries, post-surgical pain or mobility limitations, and neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal cord injury, Guillan Barre. She enjoys working with patients who are motivated to take control of their limitations and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Mièka Bryan is originally from St.Croix, Virgin Islands. She moved to North Carolina in order to advance in her education and take on the opportunity to help people with her knowledge and experiences. She received her undergraduate degree (B.S) from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she interned at a Bariatric clinic, working to provide exercises and fitness interventions. She then attended North Carolina A&T state university for a degree in rehabilitation counseling - working with young patients dealing with trauma and independent life skills. She finally ended her training at Winston-Salem State University where she received her doctorate of physical therapy where she dedicated many hours at a local pro-bono clinic for patients with no insurance requiring support in managing various mobility limitations, the multiple sclerosis clinic, and fall risk assessments for geriatric patients.

"While meeting Dr. Chelsea Leander through mutual connections, I loved the goals that IVY Integrative had in helping close the gap between natural and conventional medicine with non-invasive therapies. I had to join this amazing group of people to bring alternative health approaches to the Charlotte area!"

Outside of being a physical therapist, Dr. Mièka enjoys Zumba, traveling, outdoor activities, and trying new food restaurants.


  • Licensed Physical Therapist

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