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Trusted Local Partners


IVY has a solid team of practitioners but we also love linking with other trustworthy, holistic-minded, and educated businesses in the area.  This page is a great referral source to help you find like-minded practitioners and small business that we have given our own 5-star review.  


Ankita Langan

Ankita P. Langan, MD


Avance Care

Avance Care South Park

Innovative Primary Care

Legacy Lactation and Childbirth Education

Mellissa Willette RN, IBCLC, CBE

Lactation Consultant


Discount Code: IVYsPartner

Ovulife MD

Ashley Eskew MD, MSCI

Will Haas MD, MBA

Natural Fertility Support

Red Oak Recovery

Carol Rose, MHDL, CARC

Collegiate and Community Outreach Specialist

Sabino Recovery

Jane Davis, LCSW


Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts

Gentle Sleep Coach

Body Heal Therapy

Body Heal Therapy

Massage & Bodywork Therapy

Lisa Matuga

Lisa Matuga, PA-C


Pasadena Villa

Pasadena Villa

Psychiatric Treatment Network

Charlotte Office: 704-398-3928 

(Ask for Dayana)

Outpatient Admissions: 704-285-8301

Renfrew Center

The Renfrew Center

First in Eating Disorders

Local Businesses

Eleven Eleven Bakery

Eleven Eleven Bakery

Gluten Free Breads

11% discount on 1st purchase
Code IVY1111

Lenny Boy Brewing

Lenny Boy Brewing Co.

Berrybrook Farm Natural Foods

Berrybrook Farm Natural Foods

Charlotte's Oldest Health Food Store



24h Infrared Fitness Studio

Living Kitchen

Living Kitchen

Organic Plant-Based Restaurant

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