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IVY Integrative / Team / Dr. Stephanie Hendershot

Dr. Stephanie Hendershot


Naturopathic Doctor

FOCUS: Hormones • Digestion • Skin • Fertility • Pediatrics • Mold Toxicity

Dr. Stephanie Hendershot is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who received her Doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona in 2014. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from San Diego State University in 2006, majoring in Sociology with an emphasis in Crime and Control. After starting her career in law, Dr. Hendershot felt compelled to follow her passion for helping others and was drawn to become a Naturopathic Doctor, which she knew was the perfect fit for her.

She has always believed in using natural modalities to treat herself and wanted a deeper understanding of using age-old remedies combined with modern science. Dr. Hendershot believes wholeheartedly in treating the root cause of illness, restoring vitality, and preserving health.

Dr. Hendershot also understands the journey to wellness having struggled with digestive difficulties and skin concerns and was ultimately healed through naturopathic medicine and holds a special passion in her heart for treating digestive concerns, hormones and skin issues.

Dr. Hendershot recently moved from San Diego, CA where she ran her own practice for the past 8 years. What she is ultimately passionate about is helping patients to optimize their health. She loves sharing her pearls of wisdom to empower patients and utilizes modalities from clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy and conventional medicine.

Whether you're looking to balance hormones, address digestive concerns, optimize nutrition, resolve chronic skin issues or prepare for pregnancy, Dr. Hendershot can help. She looks forward to helping you on your journey to health through wellness and proactive healthcare!

Book an appointment with this Holistic Naturopathic Doctor to address: PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, PMS, painful periods, thyroid disease, acne, eczema, psoriasis, infertility, allergies, asthma, and children's health.


  • Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

  • Trained in Biotherapeutic Drainage

  • Ozone Certified

  • PRP Certified

Dr. Stephanie Hendershot


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