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Massage & Bodywork Therapy

Tabitha Pilon


Bodywork Therapist

What is a Bodywork Therapist?

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists (LMBT) are board certified therapists with extensive training in anatomy and physiology. Their knowledge of the body's neuromuscular structure makes your sessions relaxing along with therapeutically effective. IVY's LMBTs are trained to use a wide range of hands-on techniques for your greatest benefit. These include but are not limited to bodywork, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue massage, and rehabilitation exercises.

Upper back massage therapy

What can bodywork therapy do for you?

Bodywork techniques aim to address a range of musculoskeletal issues, such as poor posture, limited mobility, and chronic pain. By manipulating muscles, fascia, and connective tissues, bodywork can correct imbalances, release tension, and improve alignment, ultimately enhancing posture. Furthermore, it enhances blood flow and stimulates the nervous system, thereby increasing flexibility and mobility in joints and muscles, facilitating smoother movement and reducing stiffness. Targeting specific areas of tension or discomfort can alleviate pain, promoting overall well-being and quality of life. Assessment-based interventions are used to correct posture, enhance mobility, and alleviate pain, tailoring treatments to individual needs by employing an understanding of biomechanics and anatomy. Hands-on techniques and movement assessments are used to identify muscular imbalances, restrictions, and dysfunctional movement patterns. By precisely targeting these areas, bodywork facilitates improved movement mechanics, alleviates discomfort, and promotes optimal musculoskeletal function. This personalized approach ensures effective outcomes tailored to each client's unique physiology and goals. Due to the movement involved and assessments performed, this work is done in loose-fitting workout shorts for male clients and in loose-fitting workout shorts and a sports bra for female clients.

Deep Tissue at IVY is an isolated form of bodywork that combines firm sweeping massage strokes and bodywork, focusing on specific areas rather than the full body unless requested by the patient. It is personalized to ensure effective outcomes tailored to each client’s unique physiology and goals. For those new to bodywork or accustomed to spa massages, this may be a good starting point. It's also suitable for individuals who prefer a more passive approach and traditional draping.

Lower back massage therapy

What does it look like to work with a BodyworkTherapist?

Your LMBT will use the first appointment to analyze your areas of concern by collecting medical history followed by inspecting, palpating, and assessing the range of motion of the area. Special tests are often used to pinpoint the root problem. And then...let the bodywork begin! Our LMBTs generally use a wide variety of techniques on problem areas to make your time on the table as effective as possible.

After the session, your therapist may provide you with recommendations for self-care, such as stretches or exercises, and discuss any follow-up sessions that may be beneficial.

Your LMBT will track your progress along the way to ensure the therapy is working.


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