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Unveiling the Truth: The Rise of Inflamed Skin Issues and the Holistic Solution

It's not just you—there does seem to be an increase in cases of people suffering from inflamed skin issues. As a skincare provider, I tend to notice these trends more. From melasma to eczema to hormonal acne, the range of issues is vast and affects people of all ages. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), a staggering 84.5 million Americans—1 out of every 4—suffer from some form of skin disorder. So, let's delve into why this is happening.

When we break down the term "dermatology," it literally means "the study of skin." This encompasses not only the epidermis (the outer layer) and the dermis (the middle layer) but also the subdermal layers beneath. While most people are familiar with the epidermis and dermis, the deeper layers often get overlooked. This could be because we can't visually observe these layers when treating them. Typically, issues in these layers are addressed with antibiotics and steroids to alleviate symptoms visible in the epidermis. However, this approach is akin to a magician's trick, diverting attention from the real problem.

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Clients are becoming wise to this approach, realizing that it may not be as effective as it seems. After medicinal treatments, individuals often experience a recurrence of skin issues or develop new ones stemming from the medication. Alongside lifestyle factors and genetics, the subdermal layer plays a crucial role in how our skin ages and responds to stressors. Despite the booming industry with investments in retail, cosmetic treatments, and medication, there's no decline in skin disorder cases.

So, how do we change this trajectory? With a holistic approach. The shift towards holistic skincare is already underway and will shape the future of skin care. While current dermatology practices focus heavily on anti-aging treatments like injectables and chemical peels, clients are increasingly interested in alternative methods that prioritize skin health, are less invasive, and offer more benefits.

This evolving landscape is pushing skincare providers to upskill and adapt. The traditional approach of treating surface-level conditions is no longer sufficient. In the near future, the dermatology industry may split between esthetic skin providers focusing on surface issues and holistic providers addressing deeper skin concerns like dietary and lifestyle changes. It's time to embrace this holistic approach—the naked truth about skincare's future.

To hear more of my personal story and the reason behind my holistic approach follow me on Instagram: @b.theholisticskinspecialist . At IVY Integrative, you can work with one practitioner or build your own team of holistic practitioners! Reach your optimum health in-person or online. Check out our Get Started page to learn how to work with us!


This information is generalized and intended for educational purposes only. Due to potential individual contraindications, please see your primary care provider before implementing any strategies in these posts.



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