PREGNANCY: Chiropractic Care

While a baby on the way makes for an exciting time in your life, it also causes a lot of change. Back, pelvic, postural, weight and hormonal changes force the body to unnaturally adapt, often resulting in unwanted pain and discomfort. In fact, during pregnancy more than 68% of women experience low back pain; and post-delivery, another 65% report experiencing pelvic pain.

Subluxations of the spine, commonly known as joint dysfunctions, occur when two or more vertebrae become restricted and impede the body’s ability to communicate with itself. Joint dysfunctions during pregnancy can be caused by all that change taking place in your body as it prepares to support you and your new bundle of joy.

Chiropractors are trained to locate and correct joint dysfunctions by applying a gentle, targeted movement to the body’s spinal column and extremities–where and when needed–restoring proper joint function and improving nerve communication throughout the body.

This non-invasive technique, commonly known as a chiropractic adjustments, can safely offer relief and comfort with routine chiropractic care.

Benefits of seeing a chiropractor while pregnant:

  1. Relief from back, neck or joint pain

  2. Increased flexibility and mobility

  3. Reduced symptoms of nausea and acid reflux

  4. Better sleep And more!

Millions of expecting mothers look to chiropractic for its safe, effective and drug-free approach to pain relief and prevention for a healthier, happier pregnancy.

For a gentle approach to facilitate your pregnancy and post-labor pains, consider booking with Dr. Dunnigan!

Dr. Jeffrey A. Dunnigan DC


This information is generalized and intended for educational purposes only. Due to potential individual contraindications, please see your primary care provider before implementing any strategies in these posts.


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