Cristina is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist with a strong background in addictions and dysfunctional behaviors.  She has a passion for acknowledging the impact our nuclear family, educational system, religious practices, peer group, and community have on future our future choices made in our created families, relationships, and interpersonal/intrapersonal conflicts.  She approaches each client based on their unique needs intertwined in their individual perspectives, experiences, and situations.  Cristina deeply values interpersonal differences - recognizing that what has worked a previous client will likely differ from the person in front of her.


She loves working with clients who feel misunderstood or have felt like outsiders for a majority of their lives.  She also enjoys assisting couples identify strengths in their unique differences and shifting perspectives in the dynamic passion that can arise from opposite attractions.  She wants to give adolescents the opportunity to be heard and seen by their parents as the strong, intelligent, wise beyond their years individuals they truly are, while also allowing them to have the safety net their parents desire to provide so they can be successful as they leave the nest.


Cristina received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Forensic Biology from Guilford College, a certificate of Substance Abuse Counseling from Guilford Technical Community College, and a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pfeiffer University.  She has worked in numerous substance treatment modalities, various mental health agencies, and a youth crisis center.  Her experience ranges from working with couple issues from the beginning phase to sexual expansion to the dissolution phase, multiple forms of traumatic experiences, as well as self-discovery and contentment challenges.


In her downtime, Cristina spends time in introspection and learning about the world around her, binge watching thought-provoking tv series and movies, and taking her three ‘fur babies’ on walks.


  • Marriage & Family Therapy Certification

  • Substance Abuse Counseling Certification

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