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IVY Integrative Holistic Clinic in Charlotte, NC
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Looking for holistic medicine to address your health concerns? Welcome.

IVY Integrative is a holistic clinic built from independent healthcare providers that are naturally-focused and research-based.  Our clinicians work together on treating the root cause of medical conditions in order to help you achieve optimum, long-term health. 

Our approach to care is different, and we love it because it works.

“Ive been on my health journey with Stephanie Hendershot for 5 months and she has been such a light in my life. She is a master at what she does and she’s taught me how to really listen to my body, How to stay motivated during my health journey, and put me on to soo many useful herbal supplements! The team at Ivy are extremely helpful and communicating with the office staff is a breeze. Getting a membership with Ivy has been such a great decision for me on so many levels..As a black woman when going to the traditional doctors I felt unseen and unheard and I was told many times that it’s just stress! but dr. Hendershot at ivy integrative actively listens to you and is genuinely interested in helping you feel better! I hope this is helpful to someone who is interested in this’s so worth it!!"

a la carte

Pay per service

Best for patients wanting to work with one practitioner.


Build your own holistic team! Redeem package sessions on any of our integrative services. 

Best for patients wanting SAVE BIG using an integrative approach to current health concerns.


One holistic service per month

Best for patients wanting to maintain their health with preventative medicine.

IVY Integrative LLC is committed to ensuring holistic healthcare for those with disabilities. We are continually improving the accessibility for everyone, and applying the relevant accessibility standards.

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