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IVY Integrative / Team / Ashlynn Reed

Ashlynn Reed



FOCUS: Anxiety • Depression • Adjustment Disorders

Ashlynn Reed is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist-Associate originally from Washington, D.C. She obtained her Bachelor of Social Work degree from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and Master of Social Work degree with a concentration on mental health from Howard University. Her professional focus is severe and persistent mental illness and co- occurring substance use disorders.

Ashlynn's practice aims to help people (ages 6-65) with various mental and behavioral health concerns (e.g., depression, anxiety, co- occurring disorders, etc.) cope better with their experiences and/or make changes to improve their health and thinking. She also, more generally, works with clients to improve stress and interpersonal skills/relationships, and increase motivation for change and self- awareness. She believes in the importance and impact of intersectional identity (i.e., the interplay of our race/ethnicity, gender & sexual identities, religious/spiritual background, class, etc.) on one's life experiences, thus taking a multicultural approach to therapy.

Her therapeutic background is rooted in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and based in empathy and honesty. CBT has been proven an effective intervention modality for a host of emotional and behavioral concerns. CBT offers effective tools to change unhelpful perspectives and self- defeating behaviors. She uses other therapeutic approaches - including Motivational Interviewing, Resiliency Training, and Psycho-education in a safe; supportive environment.

Ashlynn wants to ensure that therapy is a beneficial partnership and worthwhile experience; building rapport and trust through empathy and honesty is important for the process. She encourages transparency in order to facilitate growth. As a “client-centered physician”, she encourages her clients to set the pace, determine their goals, and amend as needed. Her hope is to help support and empower clients on their journey towards their goals.

Outside of IVY, Ashlynn currently serves as a full-time program coordinator for the Eagle Program for first episode psychosis with Atrium Health- Behavioral health Charlotte. The Eagle Program is a coordinated, comprehensive, outpatient program, which utilizes the NAVIGATE model, a comprehensive intervention program to provide treatment and wrap around services. These services are provided to identified participants, their family members, and supports that have experienced a first episode of psychosis and meet the remaining inclusion criteria. The Eagle Program incorporates 5 significant interventions, including: individual therapeutic support, supported employment and education, peer support services, family education and support, and medication management services. The treatment team aims to partner with adolescents and young adults on their journey to attaining and maintaining independence and self- sufficiency.

Thanks for reading, and be well!

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  • Social Work Certification

  • Clinical Addiction Licensure

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