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IVY Integrative / Team / Meagan Manseau

Meagan Manseau

LAc, MSAc, DiplAc


Meagan is licensed acupuncturist in North Carolina, and is board certified through the NCCAOM. She received her Master of Science Degree in Acupuncture from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2016. Before relocating to Charlotte, Meagan operated a solo acupuncture practice in Colorado, wherein she successfully treated patients with chronic pain, migraines, digestive issues, and emotional struggles, as well as many other health concerns.

Meagan was introduced to acupuncture after struggling with migraines herself. Unable to find help through medications, she tried acupuncture and was amazed at the life changing results! Once she learned about the array of conditions that acupuncture can treat, and having also experienced the benefits, she knew that this was the path she wanted to follow. She devotes her time to continually learning all that she can about this ancient medicine, finding ways to apply the art to our modern lifestyle. She devotes herself to each patient, planning and modifying every individual case to achieve results.

Meagan is also very passionate about helping people to quit smoking using acupuncture. Having unfortunately lost four family members to lung cancer, she is making it her mission to help those who want to quit smoking naturally and drug-free.

In her spare time, Meagan enjoys reading and getting out into nature. She likes nature walks and hikes, and loves going to the beach whenever she can, experiencing all that beautiful North Carolina has to offer!


  • Licensed Acupuncturist in both North Carolina and Colorado

  • Master of Science in Acupuncture

  • Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness

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