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IVY Integrative / Team / Cara Laskowski

Cara Laskowski


Bodywork Therapist

FOCUS: Myofascial Adhesions • Immobility • Nervous System Imbalance • Acute and Chronic Pain

Cara’s work as a licensed bodywork therapist (LMBT) and movement guide is an integration of her studies in somatic psychology, yoga, martial arts, indigenous healing traditions, and structural bodywork. She helps people more deeply connect with their own bodies and feel more empowered to actively participate in their own healing so that they may live and move with more joy and vitality. Cara uses a variety of manual therapy techniques, guided movement, and breathwork to address soft-tissue restrictions in the body for the purpose of relieving pain, balancing posture, and improving the quality of movement.

Cara found her way to bodywork therapy after 10 years of integrative studies in embodied healing and transformation. After completing her B.A. degree in Psychology and English Literature, Cara began exploring the psychology of the body and the dynamic relationships between physical, mental, and emotional health through practicing and teaching classical yoga. This led her to postgraduate studies in Somatic Psychology which involves developing body awareness as a means for healing distress. Cara’s connection with the healing power of touch led her to the study of structural bodywork at the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork through which she became licensed as a massage and bodywork therapist.

​A movement and nature enthusiast who believes that we’re never too old to play, Cara is an advanced student of the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. You may spot her doing cartwheels or climbing trees at a nearby park and continuing her mission of promoting movement, empowerment, and embodied joy.


  • Clinical Massage and Bodywork (North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork #19460)

  • Postgraduate studies in Somatic Psychology (California Institute of Integral Studies)

  • Yoga Teacher Training (True Nature School of Yoga)

  • B.A. in Psychology and English Literature (Florida State University)

Cara Laskowski


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