Brandon mullins 



Brandon Mullins is a Licensed Massage & Bodywork therapist helping others through their rehabilitative journey with relaxation and orthopedic techniques.  He became interested in learning massage therapy after receiving sports massages before his track races and recognizing the value it added to his overall performance. 


Brandon uses medium to deep pressure and stretch techniques to find and release muscle tension. A session with Brandon aims at relaxing the nervous system, targeting areas that are causing pain, and relieving the deepest of muscles.


In addition, Brandon acknowledges that aches and pains build up over time through bad habits.  In order to address the underlying cause of chronic pain, his sessions often include helping his clients identify and build a therapy protocol that addresses poor postural habits and lifestyle causations.  


In short, whether you simply want to relax with a Swedish massage, are looking for strong deep tissue work, or find yourself interested in reflexology - Brandon is your guy!

When Brandon is not in the clinic he enjoys roller skating, working out, and exploring Charlotte. 


  • Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

  • Certified Reflexologist

  • BA: Fitness programing 

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